Lunch at Movida Aqui – Seaweed Salon

by essjayeats on April 14, 2014

I’ve just been sent the menu for our Seaweed Salon on 3 May and I have to say that it looks like a stand out.

And we’ve confirmed that it can be adjusted to pescatarian friendly (we will substitute the beef course)

What: Lunch featuring seaweed and sea plants, matched wines and education.
When: 12:30pm Saturday 3 May 2014
Where: Movida Aqui, 1/ 500 Bourke Street, Melbourne
How much: $100.00 including booking fee.
How to book: Only via TryBooking


Sopa de algas y mariscos
Seaweed soup with yellow fin tuna belly, smoked eel and oyster.


Mejillones en garboniera
Crispy Spring Bay Mussels with sea grasses and pearl necklace.

Arroz de algas
Wet rice of seaweed, calamari and abalone.

Costilla de Buey
Beef rib, slow cooked with pine mushrooms and seaweed butter.

Ensalada de tomates
Tomato and anchovy salad.

Nori roll with candied fruit and melon sorbet.

Joining MoVida head chef and owner Frank Camorra will be special guests Michael Ryan (The Provenance), Richard Cornish (The Age), marine biologist Dr Alecia Bellgrove and Associate Professor Russel Keast (Deakin University). Frank will create a five course you guessed it, ‘seaweed-themed’ menu matched with wine, sherry and maybe a sake or two.

There will be a panel discussing the gastronomic and nutritional merits of seaweed and it’s place in modern cuisine both here and throughout the world with plenty of time to ask questions and to get involved.




Seaweed Salon at Movida Aqui

by essjayeats on March 17, 2014

I know, I know … it’s be way too long since I’ve seen many of you. You patient Fringe Fooders are about to be rewarded big time!

I’m so very excited about this event I’m almost bursting!

Some of my favourite things and people are connecting to bring you an afternoon of delicious education.

What: Lunch featuring seaweed and sea plants, matched wines and education.
When: 12:30pm Saturday 3 May 2014
Where: Movia Aqui, 1/ 500 Bourke Street, Melbourne
How much: $100.00 including booking fee.
How to book:   Only via TryBooking 

(remember to email before booking if you have an questions about dietary options at

Movida head chef and owner, Frank Camora will develop a five course menu. We’ll match each course with wine, sake and maybe even some sherry  -  drawing on special guest Michael Ryan’s passion for all things Japanese and Frank’s well known Spanish connections.

Our host, Richard Cornish (The Age) will host panel discussions during the afternoon and there will as usual be plenty of time to ask questions and understand the place that seaweeds and plants have in modern cooking, and future nutritional needs. (Did you know many of the world best chefs slip a piece of kombu into their stocks?)

Special guest Michael Ryan (Provenance, Beechworth Age Good Food Guide Chef of the Year 2013) will join us to talk about seaweeds in  the kitchen and help us match some sake with some of the courses. My conversations with Richard Cornish about food, taste and flavour over the last few years have left with me a fascination for how we taste and why we crave certain things. Like glutamates, the amino acid that gives us umami and msg. Glutamic acid occurs naturally in kombu, an edible kelp used widely in Japanese cuisine and is the basis for dashi stock and sushi seasoning. There are many other sources of umami in foods, we’ll tell you more on May 3.

Are Australian sea weeds as palatable as Asian ones? Or those from Spain?  I’m glad you asked! (yes there was a Pozible for that!)  We’ve invited Alicia Bellgrove and Russell Keast from Deakin University to join us, and help us discover just how good our local seaweeds are in Victoria, and why we crave their umami taste.

Would You Like Seaweed With That have a facebook group so you can check out the latest with this project.

I know I was quite surprised to find out that wakame grows in Apollo Bay (and the council want to rip it out!)

On arrival we’ll share some canapés and have time to check out the pools of seaweeds, algae and sea plants. Four courses of seaweed inspired food will follow with drink matches designed to highlight the unique aspects of these flavours. Two panel discussions, plenty of question time and a display of Victoria’s beautiful seaweeds. What better way could there be to spend your Saturday afternoon?  And you just know it’s going to be buckets (hah!) of fun.


Looking forward to seeing you all again.


Thanks to Movida Restaurant Group, Michael Ryan and Provenance, Deakin University and special mate Richard Cornish.


Dr Alecia Bellgrove is a Marine Biologist at Deakin University Warrnambool campus with extensive experience in understanding the biology and ecology of seaweeds. Alecia is also a self-confessed foodie! Through this project Alecia hopes to combine her passion for great food that is both nutritious and ecologically sustainable, with her passion and knowledge of the ocean and incredible diversity of seaweeds within.

Associate Professor Russell Keast is from Deakin Burwood and has a varied background in food. He was a fully qualified Chef and owned his own restaurant, but decided to further his education in Food Science and Nutrition, and ended up completing his PhD in beer flavour. He now leads the sensory science group at Deakin and is interested in the best tasting and most nutritious foods possible. Perhaps seaweed will turn out to be an ideal food!


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