Beer and Bird at The Vine

by essjayeats on August 22, 2012

I love working with Ron O’Bryan. His pub, The Vine, is unapologetically old-school, his approach is unapologetically “give the punters what they want”, and his dinners rock (unapologetically).

We decided on a slightly different approach this time. Ron’s cooking poultry. Yep: quails, chooks, fowl, pigeons, turkeys, geese, swans, sparrows, larks and turduckens.  They’re all poultry.  But they won’t all be on the menu but some will.  You’ll have to join us to see what Ron cooks up.  UPDATE: Menu here

We know you can get carefully matched craft beer with burgers, steaks, seafood and cupcakes – but what happens if you take a beer that is proudly promoted (and served at many of our great restauarants) as a “food friendly” pilsner, and serve it with every course – from different glassware. Does it make a difference if your Trumer Pils comes in a tall frosty mug with a handle, and ISO tasting glass, a bottle, or a jug and a pot?  Does the glass maketh the beer?

I’m not sure but plenty of people have suggested ISO tasting glasses when we’ve spoken to them about beer events; there’s always been that argument of draft vs bottle, and what about #realperoni vs bottled here peroni?  Why not join us for a fun lighthearted night of excellent fowl, and tasty beer.

What: Poultry matched with Trumer Pils.
When: Tuesday 18th September at 7:00pm.
Where: The Vine Hotel, 59 Wellington Street, Collingwood.
How much: $77.30 including booking fee all inclusive.
How many: 40 places
How to book: Booking only through Trybooking here.



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