Grain Fed vs Grass Fed beef with Ron O’Bryan

by essjayeats on September 5, 2011

What: Beef tasting and education
Chef: Ron O’Bryan
Tuesday 20th September, from 7pm
Where: The Vine Hotel  59 Wellington St (cnr Derby) Collingwood
How much:
$75 a person, including wine from Syrahmi and Foster e Rocco.
Booking: Tickets are available via EventArc

Cows eat grass, right?  Well yes, but beef raised for meat can be fed grass, grain or a mixture of both. Dusty feedlots, grassy knolls, Angus, Chianina, Belties, Wagyu – just what do you get for your money? Can y0u taste the difference? And what about ageing? is vacuum packed meat a good thing or a bad thing?

We’re lucky in Australia, we have access to a wide range of beef which experience a wide range of growing conditions, but how do you  know what is the best choice for taste, texture, value and the environment?

Come along and learn about the choices you have, and the beef that you buy.

From 7pm – the front bar will be open, with freshly shucked oysters and a glass of stout to get things moving.

From 7:30 we’ll inspect and taste some grass fed beef and some grain fed beef, and hopefully some that are aged in different ways, or for different lengths of time.  There will be an opportunity to hear from our chef, and one of our producers – Warialda Belted Galloway beef.

Main course: Beef of course!  you’ll be served a piece of grass fed meat, and a piece of grain fed meat.  Can you tell them apart?

We’ll finish off with some cheese.

Wines will be coming from Syrahmi and Foster e Rocco.


We recently asked on our facebook page which you prefer – the results are overwhelmingly for grass fed.




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Hayley September 7, 2011 at 1:02 pm

I was excited by the concept of Grain v grass fed beef. I am of the opinion that we should think of beef like wine- where the flavours from different feeding regimes can be appreciated by the individual and savoured.
I hope this is an event where there is no bias regarding which is better or worse.
Have a great night!

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