Grass Fed vs Grain Fed revisited

by essjayeats on August 7, 2013

Cows eat grass, right? Well yes, but beef raised for meat can be fed grass, grain or a mixture of both. Dusty feedlots, grassy knolls, seaside vistas, Gippsland grazing – just what do you get for your money and can y0u taste the difference?

What: Dinner featuring beef and education.
When: 7pm Thursday 29th August
Where: The Vine Hotel  59 Wellington St (cnr Derby) Collingwood
How much: $95.30 including booking fee.
How to book:   Via TryBooking 

Do you remember that night, long ago, when we sat around and debated the merits of grass fed, grain fed, dry ageing and wet ageing beef while eating delicious examples of both and washing it all down with delicious wine?  You do?  Cool!  You can book here for our next incarnation (you know what you’re in for).

You don’t remember it?  Hmm well if you were there…you know – just book for this next one, yeh? But if  you missed out .. well you’d better book quick smart!  It was a bloody ripper night. And we learned a lot.

Such a good night that we’re doing it again – but with a different twist.

Chef Ron O’Bryan has procured two sides of beef and is dry ageing them on the premises at The Vine. One has been grass fed, one grain fed. We’re doing all we can to match this beef in all the variables we can, with the exception of feed. Our main course of the evening will be a straight up comparison between the two.

We’re going to serve up four courses of beefy goodness, maybe a beef cheek raviolo? some tartare? We’ll make sure you get some greens as well, and maybe some of Ron’s amazing onion rings.

Wines will be chosen to match and you can be sure they’ll be delicious. We won’t let you down. Promise!


Beef vs Beef

thursday august 29, 2013

tongue, tail & terrine

pressed ox tongue, steak tartare, oxtail croquette

oxtail consommé

bacon foam, bone marrow & parsley toast

ox cheek raviolo

brussel sprout puree, guanciale, truffle salt

the test – grain fed vs grass fed

2 sirloins, 1 difference – which is which?
onion rings, chips, café de paris butter, red wine jus, crisp green salad

brique d’affinois

apple, walnuts, rye toast, fig & fennel paste 




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