A grand old night of gin and tonic with Westwinds and Wallis & Ed

by tomatom on April 11, 2012

WHAT: In the spirit of Wallis and Ed, we are hosting a very special night of exotic aromatics and botanicals showcasing locally made gin and tonic syrups against the colonies.

When: 6.00 for 6.30pm until 8.30/9.00pm Monday 23 April

Venue: Here, Wallis & Ed, 1 Bourke St, Melbourne, Vic 3000

How much: $48 + 30 cent booking fee ONLY FROM TRYBOOKING. Click to book

If you’ve been to the Greenhouse by Joost, or been hanging out on the wrong side of Twitter, you’ll already be aware of the buzz over home made tonic syrup, a concotion the colour of puddle water that blushes pink when mixed with mineral water (or soda), ice and a large splash of gin. Technically, the cinchona bark in a controlled substance because the quinine it contains can explode red blood cells, and is best known for curing malaria. That means the making and supply of tonic syrup is a grey area.

In fact, it could be said that while making home made gin (as long as you don’t plan to sell it) is legal, making tonic is not. Nevertheless, we have some.

We have brought together a very special event (Click to book) with Jeremy and Jason for The Westwinds Gin and Ed from Fringe Food to taste locally made gins and tonic syrups against some of the best in the world – with a few nibbles thrown in for good measure.

Jeremy will take you through a history on gin and teach you how to make a proper gin and tonic, with the proper kind of ice which will avoid dilution.

A selction of botanicals will help train your palate before moving on to taste the first flight of three softer gins The Westwinds Sabre, Kis (that’s Kangaroo Island Spirits made by Jon Lark and Old Tom from the UK.

There will then be an opportunity to taste tonics. We will be serving Fever Tree and have available syrups from Kis, Dr Tonic in NZ and (provisionally) Daylesford & Hepburn Springs Mineral Co.

We shall then go through a flight of Cutlas, Hendricks and another gin, possibly from one of our (and probably your) favourite winemakers who supports our events.

To finish, it’s your turn to mix the Gin and tonic of your choice and vote on your favourites.

We’ll also be showcasing the amazing Sacred Spirits gin blending kits which are being brough all the way from Highgate to Australia by Gerard at Urban Importers.

I’m very excited and we hope you are.

Click to book!

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